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Uncover how to use your data to visualise hidden insights.

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Presented By Mia Tait

Mia Tait

Mia is one of the most in-demand Microsoft specialist consultants in Australia, with over eight years in Microsoft consulting, helping organisations spearhead efficiencies and enabling remote work environments.

Mia uses her knowledge in Power BI and SharePoint to help organisations successfully identify and implement business intelligence solutions that work with Microsoft 365 environments.

Mia prides herself on her ability to help non-technical people find new ways of working with Microsoft solutions, while uncovering how it works and why it matters.

Discover data visualisation that works

Uncover the full potential of Microsoft's Power BI and learn how you can access powerful business intelligence insights by overcoming common barriers that impact quality of your business intelligence.

After attending this webinar, you’ll be able to:


Drive action through visual insights designed for your teams.


Set up dashboards that inform regular meetings and daily processes.


Identify and connect data sources that work with Power BI.


Uncover areas in your organisation that could benefit from Power BI.

Join us for a special deep-dive into Power BI


We'll cover how Power BI connects with common data sources and makes it easier to share information across a range of apps that you use every day.

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